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The Dividing Line supports and promotes Progressive Rock artists by playing their music, broadcasting interviews, and including links to where CD's can be purchased. One of the main goals of The Dividing Line is to bring Progressive Rock artists and fans together. This is particularly important to independent unsigned Progressive Rock artists who do not receive airplay on conventional commercial radio and who may not be able to tour extensively. We encourage the submission of Progressive Rock demos or released CD's and if deemed appropriate we will gladly allocate resources to help with promotion.

NOTE: Once your CD(s) is in our library, your best chance at getting it played is by populating the chat rooms of the specific shows broadcast by a DJ whose format fits your style of music. Get to know that DJ and request they give your music a try.

Because we regularly receive material that does not fall within the genre of our station format, we would like to make it clear we are a Progressive Rock station. If your music fits within any of the sub categories of "Prog" you will have an infinitely higher chance of airplay. For a definition of what constitutes Progressive Rock, click here. We would also ask that your submission be as “radio ready” as possible with regards to quality of production. Some home recordings are very good, but just as many have poor production quality. If the sound quality of submissions is sub-par we won’t be adding it to our library as this degrades the listening experience for our audience.

One last thing to keep in mind: Because we have listeners all around the world and from many ethnicities, we ask that you avoid sending us material that some people may consider offensive, such as obvious religious overtones and/or strong political views.

Please mail your CD or DVD to our surface mailing address:

The Dividing Line Broadcast Network
#254 - 280 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6B 2E2

Please ensure the full station name is present in the address on all packages.

You do not need to email us for permission first. We listen to all submissions at our earliest opportunity.

While all material sent to The Dividing Line will be reviewed and considered for airplay, we do not guarantee that all submissions will be played on the air. All material received becomes the property of The Dividing Line Broadcast Network and will not be returned unless explicitly requested and a self-addressed return envelope/package with sufficient Canadian postage is included. The Dividing Line assumes no responsibility or obligation resulting from your material being sent to us, and no compensation is paid whether or not it is played on the air.  By sending your material to us, you agree to these terms.

For more information or suggestions, email